The Designer Maker Revolution

David Colwell: A Born Designer.

April 21, 2020

David Colwell has been a Designer all his life.

He has strongly held and clearly articulated views on design, art and craft. Of course we discuss aesthetics a fair bit.

David has designed and, with his company Trannon, made, stacks of chairs and tables from sustainably harvested and worked wood. He has also designed buildings and sailboats.

Sustainability is fundamental to Davids work.


The Revolution is always interested in discussing what constitutes good and bad design!

Thanks Neil Thomason for audio assistance.

Patreon is coming. Also soon (I hope) high quality, silk screened T-shirts - screened by hand of course! Any colour you like, so long as it's Black. Pre-orders for the T-Shirts are welcome.

All proceeds will go towards better equipment and running the Revolution, so that the audio quality can be as good as it can be. The Revolution strives for excellence in all things!


Trannon Furniture:











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