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Don Morrison: A Very Modest Gentleman, Musician and Guitar Maker

August 14, 2020

Don Morrison is a super nice bloke. Extremely modest and very talented.

Don makes extraordinary metal body resonator guitars from bits of old galvanized iron sheets. Check out the Perponda guitar .

These instruments have a deep cultural heritage and abound with stories.

Don has released 15 albums so far with a double album on the way to mark his 40 years of playing music.

I recommend his book: This Could Be Big, Forty Years at the Dag End of the Australian Music Industry.

Quotes: "Playing (music) live is like meditation or mindfulness - the next day - even if it was a moderately successful gig - that's when I feel most relaxed"

"These day's I'm better at doing what I'm better at, and eliminating things that I do that aren't very good"







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