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Fire and Virus 01. Try not to be Immobilised.

April 11, 2020

This is episode 1 of the Fire and Virus Series.

Thanks for listening, I really appreciate it.

David MacLaren (Bungendore Wood Works Gallery) returns to talk about the devastation caused by the fires and how a successful gallery is coping with a virus ruining the status quo. 

The Black Summer in Australia started around October 2019 and finally ended in February 2020. Townships and communities were destroyed outright despite the enormous effort from the firefighters - many of whom were volunteers.

Almost 3000 homes destroyed, 34 people lost their lives and an estimated 1 billion animals either died or were displaced. Some extinctions are inevitable. 186,000 square kilometres = 72,000 square miles burnt.

Once the fires were out, people stood up and started rebuilding. It felt like climate change was an issue whose time had come.............then,

........the world caught Corona Virus.

In this Fire and Virus series I’m going to talk to creative people caught up in some way with the Black Summer fires to see how they are faring now.

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