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Shima Gholami: Scholar and Curator at Golestan Palace

October 14, 2020

Shima Gholami Scholar

Shima is a lifelong scholar specializing in cultural stuff. She was born and raised in Iran and was a curator at the Golestan Palace in Tehran before emigrating to Australia where she is completing a PhD.

We talk about what it is like growing up in Iran and the cultural similarities/differences between Australia and Iran. 

Our news, media feeds and presidents indicate that Iran is our enemy. Except Iran has maintained an extremely rich and sophisticated culture for many thousands of years.  

For context we discuss the history of Iran / Persia. Very basically: pre-Islam and post-Islam..... More importantly for our Western interests: pre and post WW2, and especially post Islamic Revolution.

Shima and I were introduced to each other by Guildhouse for a project connecting migrant craftspeople with Australian artists. We ran a wood inlay workshop together and created SUN: an artwork neither of us could have produced alone. Collaborations are awesome! SUN is for sale at Bungendore Wood Works Gallery NSW, Australia.

Shima is totally gentle and is not political. We didn't discuss politics. This podcast is about bringing people and cultures together.

Shima and I have never discussed this, but I personally encourage everyone to check out Mohammad Mosaddegh's story.

At the end of our conversation you can enjoy some Iranian music: 2 contemporary and 2 traditional pieces.

1. Salar Aghili - Sarve Zire Ab
2. Homayoun Shajarian - Sarnevesht
3. Kayhan Kalhor & M.R. Shajarian - Festive Occasion
4. Kayhan Kalhor & M.R. Shajarian - Instrument and Vocal (Poem by Baba Tahor)
More Music:
Guitarists take note!!!

Golestan palace:
official website archived

Persian Rug collection example

The book we discuss from Manus Island:

Behrouz Boochani "No Friend but the Mountains"

A Separation -  a movie we discuss




SUN. Colaboration: Shima Gholami and Adrian Potter


Golestan Palace - Mirror Room

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