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Simon Brown: The Prodigal Son Returns, 109 years of T H Brown Co.

March 30, 2020

Simon Brown: The Prodigal Son Returns, 109 years of T H Brown Co.

Simon Brown is a third generation furniture manufacturer: Grandson of the man TH Brown no less. The TH Brown Company has been a making furniture since 1911.
There have been plenty of ups and downs in the TH Brown organization and Simon Brown is our guide on this 100 year roller coaster of manufacturing, including 2 world wars a great depression and more.

We also get into why there are advantages for designers at various times and why it's really hard for designers to get product in the marketplace at other times. It's a hard question to answer and if you have some thoughts on the matter get in touch!

Simon is a great raconteur and story teller. I hope you enjoy this podcast.

The Revolution is always interested in discussing the Histories!

Thanks Neil Thomason for audio assistance.

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Peter Brown and T. H. Brown



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