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The David Haig Experience Part 1.

March 1, 2020

The David Haig Experience Part 1.

David Haig is the sweetest soul in the universe. He has been a designer maker of wood furniture for decades in New Zealand and has also taught around the world.
His chairs are gorgeous! Look for them on his website, but pictures don't do them justice - try if you can to touch and sit in one because its an experience!
David grew up in Malaya (now Malaysia) but spent his formative years in Britain.
We discuss:
the benefits of a history Degree from Oxford when being a craftsman is going to be your profession,
the joys of working with your hands,
chairs as an engineering art-form,
and, of course, we discuss at length David's design and creative process
This podcast investigates how creative people tick, David and I get some of the way down that philosophical road in Part 1. Part 2 goes a lot further so stay tuned for that conversation -coming soon.

Articulate conversations describing the creative process are as rare as hens teeth, so listen up!

The Revolution is always interested in discussing the Creative Process!

Neil Thomason has helped me massively with the audio quality. Thanks Neil.

Patreon is coming. Also soon (I hope) high quality, silk screened T-shirts - screened by hand of course! Any colour you like, so long as it's Black. Pre-orders for the T-Shirts are welcome.

All proceeds will go towards better equipment and running the Revolution, so that the audio quality can be as good as it can be. The Revolution strives for excellence in all things!









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